Custom On-Site Trapping

Wildlife Removal Company Portland and Vancouver Wa

Trapping and removing wildlife from a structure sometimes calls for a customized approach, since every home and situation is very different.  Whatever the situation calls for, our technicians are up to the task.  Sometimes that means creating innovative traps or using outside-of-the-box thinking to safely remove the nuisance wildlife from your home.  Regardless of how we accomplish this, you can be confident that all of our methods will follow our core value of keeping your property and your family safe, while treating animals humanely.

What Kind Of Traps Do You Use?

We have several different types of traps, but none of the traps we use are the type that will harm or injure the animals that are caught.  We equip the traps with food and provide water as soon as we recover the animals.  We also respond promptly once an animal is caught to remove them off your property.

At times, a situation arises where the standard traps available are not sufficient.  In these cases, we can develop, build and implement a custom trap for your property.

Immediate Removal Of Wildlife

In some situations, we are able to catch the nuisance wildlife using catch poles, gloves, etc. to immediately remove them from your property.

For more information on our trapping methods, please give us a call or use our contact form.