Wildlife Entry PointSometimes, removing wildlife from your property does not require trapping at all.  We have a variety of natural non-toxic repellents that are effective in deterring many types of animals from approaching your home.  In addition to these repellents, we are able to inspect your crawl space thoroughly and, once we have determined that no animals are present, we can seal all entry points.

How Does Nuisance Wildlife Typically Get In?

Raccoons, opossums, skunks and even cats generally find access to your crawl space when a foundation vent screen is missing (as pictured to the right).  These access points can easily be created because the screen itself is glued on with a construction adhesive during construction and fails over time, allowing access to animals.  In repairing these entry points we install a higher gauge screen and attach it directly to the foundation using a concrete nail gun.  If you observe any of these openings in your screens, it is imperative that you address it quickly.

If you feel that some form of nuisance wildlife is living and nesting underneath your home, please call us right away for a free, no obligation consultation.