Locally Owned and Operated

Serving the Portland Metro Area

Humane Trapping & Removal

Safe and Effective

New Leaf Wildlife Control will make it our highest priority to keep your home and family safe by humanely trapping and removing invasive wildlife species that can damage your home or present health risks to your family or pets.

Free Inspection and Estimate

Same Day/ Next Availability

We service all of the Portland Metro area, as well as southwest Washington and have a team of professionals ready and willing to help. Our state licensed wildlife operators are usually available for same day/next day services.

Prevention & Clean up

Keeping Critters Out For Good

In addition to the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife, New Leaf can also provide a whole range of exclusion and prevention services, as well as restoration services to clean the areas effected by invasive wildlife.

Call Our Office Today To Schedule Your Free Inspection

Our friendly office staff is able to take your call and schedule a free inspection and estimate with one of our wildlife control operators.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Wildlife Control Operators

New Leaf Wildlife Control has an amazing team of wildlife control professionals. Our highly skilled team is licensed in the State of Oregon and Washington.